Jubilee Surgery

Whitton Corner Health and Social Care Centre, Percy Road, Whitton, Twickenham, TW2 6JL

Current time is 11:14 - We're open


Telephone: 020 3458 5400

Out of Hours: 111

Flu Vaccine Update- We have just received some extra Over 65 flu vaccines. Please contact the surgery to arrange your appointment.  Also if you are Under 65 and in an ‘at risk’ group, you are eligible for a flu vaccination. Children aged 2 and 3 are also eligible for a nasal flu vaccination. Please call the surgery to arrange an appointment.



To reduce your chances of catching COVID-19, we are strongly encouraging patients to use the Electronic Prescribing Service so that prescriptions can be sent to local pharmacies electronically rather than attending the surgery in person to collect these. 

If you are ordering your prescription through Online Access or using the template on the link highlighted below, please indicate which pharmacy you wish your prescription to be sent to. 

CLICK HERE to order your repeat prescriptions OR if you have registered for Online services via Patient Access please click on the Green tile to the right, titled ‘Order your Prescriptions’.  You may also order by post.

Prescriptions can be sent to certain local pharmacies via Electronic Prescribing on request.

Repeat prescriptions cannot be taken over the telephone.

Medication reviews will be necessary at least annually.

Please allow 2 working days before collection.

If you have an agreement in place to have your prescriptions sent electronically to a pharmacy, your prescriptions will be automatically sent to that pharmacy over our EPS system.

There is an alternative way to order your repeat medication – through Patient Access Services

Register for GP Online services by clicking on the Patient Access icon on our home page.

You can order your repeat prescriptions via Patient Access Services. There is no need visit us; instead computer, smartphone or tablet users can request repeat prescriptions anywhere – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You can also check what medication you should be taking and when.

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