Jubilee Surgery

Whitton Corner Health and Social Care Centre, Percy Road, Whitton, Twickenham, TW2 6JL

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Telephone: 020 3458 5400

Out of Hours: 111

Non-NHS Services

Some medical services are not available on the NHS and a charge is made for these. This includes medical and travel insurance claim forms, private medical certificates, private prescriptions (eg for Malaria Prophylaxis) or signing driving licence applications and various special examinations for sport, schools, employment and HGV licences.

The following services are chargeable as recommended by the British Medical Association.

Private certificate 15.00
Holiday cancellation form 30.00-124.50*
Fitness to travel certificate 15.00*
Freedom from infection 25.00
Certificate of fitness 15.00
Certificate of fitness for participation in gym, school, camp etc 25.00
 Private health claim forms (eg BUPA/AXA) 30.00
 Vaccination certificate 15.00
Passport countersignature 30.00
 Blue Badge appeal letter 30.00
 Life insurance/critical illness 104.70
Detailed report and opinion (no examination) 124.50
Employer’s report and opinion (with examination) 164.50
Access to medical records under Data Protection Act free
Longer report- pro rate per hour  197.00


*Please note 50% fee for any booked appointments not attended*
Employment medical (with full report) 130.00
Driver examination (eg HGV, LGV, Elderly, taxi driver) 115.00
Sports medical with examination 60.00
Fitness to attend sports/school/university (with medical) 60.00

*Ranges reflect the complexity of the form/report to be complete

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